Most of the time items in antique shops, including furniture, are hard to find and may even be one of a kind now.  Therefore, if you see a piece that you really like, don’t hesitate — go ahead and get it as soon as you can because it never fails — Murphy’s Law happens!!!!  On more than one occasion we have had someone fall in love with a particular piece of furniture or item, go away to think about it and when they come back — poof, it has just sold!!!  This happened recently with a pink chaise lounge that we had — this was a beautiful piece of furniture, French, mid-century, looked like a piece that may have been in a Marilyn Monroe movie — a young lady wanted it but was hesitant – next day another young woman came in and bought it right away and not fifteen minutes after it sold, the first young lady comes in to purchase it — she was so distraught!!!!   If you are ever in this situation, just remember “The Case of the Pink Chaise”!!!!

Case of the Pink Chaise