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Spring With Easter Bunnies

Easter is here already and we have had a beautiful Spring to usher it in — the world around our Town of Wake Forest, NC has turned into fresh spring colors with trees coming out and pretty flowers popping up everywhere – my friend, Cindy, decorated the our... read more

Time Flies!!!!!

It’s so hard to believe that here we are at almost the end of February, 2017 – it was just Christmas!!  Last year is a blur and I imagine that it will be the same for this year.  Having an antique shop and being surrounded by the past day after day it... read more

Open Sunday’s Thru Christmas!

Well, hard to believe that it’s that time of the year again — time is truly going by so fast — seems like last Christmas was only a few months ago and here we are again in the last quarter of the year!!!  Kind of sad that time rolls by faster and... read more

The Case of the Pink Chaise…..

Most of the time items in antique shops, including furniture, are hard to find and may even be one of a kind now.  Therefore, if you see a piece that you really like, don’t hesitate — go ahead and get it as soon as you can because it never fails —... read more

Painting Antique Furniture

I am a huge fan of painted antique furniture but I will ONLY paint an antique if it is really in bad shape as far as finish etc. OR if it has already been painted.  I just painted this antique Hoosier cabinet as it really needed some love.  Hope you like it –... read more

Patriotism and the Red, White and Blue!!

What a great Country we live in – the land of the free and the home of the brave!!  It’s time to bring out the American flags and banners and celebrate with all things red, white and blue!!  Our Country has a rich history and we have some great examples... read more

Thinking Outside of the Box

Spring time is here and spring fever has hit–we’re all ready to get outside and do some yard work and some outdoor decorating! Outdoor rooms or spaces are really hot right now — so much fun to decorate a porch, patio, deck or just a space in your... read more

Meet in the Street

We love all the wonderful events that happen right here in historic downtown Wake Forest. Mark your calendars for the first Saturday in May–May 7, 2016–to enjoy Meet in the Street, presented by the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce. With nearly 200 crafts... read more

Our New Online Home

Welcome to the new website of For Old Times Sake Antiques, a unique store located in charming downtown Wake Forest, North Carolina. Welcome to our new online home! Here you’ll find news and information that we’ll share in our Old & New blog... read more